Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Residency Training

What is NDD?


NDD stands for neurodevelopmental disabilities.  We are a new pediatric medical subspecialty that focuses on the diagnosis & treatment of pediatric (and adult) patients with:

  • Cognitive developmental disabilities (e.g., autism, intellectual disability and learning disabilities)
  • Metabolic and genetic conditions (e.g., Trisomy 21, Fragile X & mitochondrial diseases)
  • CNS conditions (e.g., epilepsy, cerebral palsy)
  • Nerve and muscle disorders (e.g., muscular dystrophy, neuropathies)

We are a unique specialty in that we are trained to evaluate and treat children incorporating a multidisciplinary perspective (e.g. medical, social, behavioral, neuroscience) and collaborate with other professionals such as therapists, rehabilitation specialists, educators, and the community.  We understand neurodevelopmental disabilities from a lifespan model and residency training includes pediatric and adult medicine training.
We hope you will visit our site to learn more about this exciting subspecialty and meet some of the NDD graduates from around the country to see if this is a good career choice for you.

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Updated:  January 20, 2014


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