Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Residency Training

Life After Training

The breadth of NDD training & triple board certification has allowed NDD physicians to work in academic centers with clinical, teaching, and research opportunities.   
NDD physicians are parts of:
  • A separate NDD division
  • A child neurology division
  • A division of developmental & behavioral pediatrics
  • Rehabilitation medicine programs-Rehabilitation or school based settings
  • Governmental organizations
  • Private practice (in which developmental assessment skills are highly prized)

How NDD training helped me be the doctor I wanted to become!

"My NDD training has prepared me for my dream career. I was able to combine my interest in pediatrics along with my background in neuroscience and passion for helping those with special needs. 


Through my NDD training, I have been able to explore and set my own pathway. I am an attending in both Neurology and the Child Development Unit. I evaluate, treat and follow children with autism, intellectual disabilities, genetic syndromes, and movement disorders. The flexibility of NDD has allowed me to focus and use my expertise in my other areas of interest as well. As Medical Director of the Fragile X Clinic, I am able to follow patients through their lifespan, supporting them and their families by closely addressing medical, social, educational and behavioral issues.


As Co-Director of the Tourette Syndrome and Movement Disorders clinic, I evaluate and treat children while helping to educate medical students, residents, and other physicians on these many neurological disorders. I look forward to promoting our NDD speciality to our trainees and the medical community."

Robyn A. Filipink MD

Attending physician, Division of Child Neurology & Child Development Unit

Children’s  Hospital of Pittsburgh, Deparment of Pediatrics, Pittsburgh PA

CHP NDD graduate 2007